What is Forex online currency trading?

We will define at the beginning the meaning of the word Forex and where it came from and what we mean exactly …

Forex is a foreign word that means trading currencies in the global foreign exchange market …

Some call this market or the online currency market with multiple names and abbreviations have been familiar with the word Forex.


Forex is also what some people call foreign currency trading via the Internet or the international exchange market.

There are many names at the end of the term, the intention is to buy and sell foreign major currencies in the global currency market.

What are the main components or components of the Forex trading process?
Consists of 3 parties or basic components that constitute the basics of trading in the process of executing transactions are:

1- The first party is a trader trader who is a person who wishes to invest in the Forex market …
This person is called the trader or the trader who decides to open the portfolio and trade himself by choosing the type of transactions …

The trader or trader opens the account and trades himself. He is the person who owns a capital that wants to invest in currency trading …

If the first and most important is the trader who wants to invest his money in the Forex market or currency trading …

2. The second party is the intermediary:
It is an intermediary company that offers brokerage services between the first-party trader and the global market.

Of course, the intermediary company is the one through which the trader registers the account or the portfolio and the trader uses its platform to execute the transactions.

It also uses the mechanisms of the intermediary company to withdraw funds and deposit …

Intermediate Company is a Forex company that executes transactions to us through our account through its platforms and opens accounts to us and equips them.

It is also the company that binds us to the global forex market and is also the company that we use its platform to execute transactions.

3. The third and last party in Forex trading is the global market:
It is a currency market, gold, oil and global equities.

This market prices include the pricing of currencies, metals and others and these prices show on the trading platform of the intermediate company.

International banks determine prices and prices are shown on trading platforms of the intermediate company.

The global market or the international stock exchange offers the major currencies and metals such as gold, oil, global equities and indices …

If the triangular parties complement each other and can not be dispensed with in the online trading process for any party of the three framework.

What is Forex?
What is the truth about online trading?
It is real and there is something that can actually be practiced and benefit from the implementation of deals and can be profit from it also in real.

If a currency market is a market you can actually invest in, but we have to take care of controls to invest in.

One of the fundamentals of the currency market, for example, is trading through knowledge and after learning. Trading can cause loss without knowing.

Loss can be all owner and can not be traded without training and learning.
You should also choose a strong broker, a trusted license and a lender to trade through his platform. This is very important because there are hundreds of intermediaries.

You also have to pay attention to the subject of the management of Rasmalk, do not take transactions in the Forex market with all your capital at the same time!

You should trade, for example, at a rate of no more than 20% of the total capital in the portfolio.

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