How to open a Forex account (basics of trading in the currency market)

One of the fundamentals of currency trading, metals, stocks, indicators and differences know how to open a Forex account.

The method of opening a Forex account is the way to choose the best company to open a Forex account.

The new and novice traders are exposed to very large and frequent erection trades in the name of trading.


The process of opening a Forex account or opening a Forex account is generally easy.

The way to open a Forex account is to choose the company through which to trade.

But how is the choice based on what?
The choice of an intermediate currency trading company should be based on several very important fundamentals associated with:

1- It must be a reliable, secure and excellent company with expertise in currency trading.
The companies operating in the field of currency trading too many and those companies are fake and unreal.

The subject of the monument to the new traders and their promise of many offers and temptations as a lie must be noticed.

Many Forex companies are currently only fake companies and are just a website.

Those sites were founded with the intention of monumenting and stealing people.
Transformation through brokerage firms must be subject to the reliability standard above all.

Ensuring that the company is guaranteed and reliable is by ensuring that it has a very strong official government license and preferably Gulf.

The presence of hundreds of medium-sized companies, as defined by corporate experts and weak license, is of no concern to us.

If we make sure that a reliable company is guaranteed by making sure that its license is very strong and its reputation is good.

When he asks for research, many respondents say their opinion in that company.

Having a strong corporate license is what matters to us here only.
Companies that are called according to the experts of companies licensed a very strong license is only what we want now to open an account in it.

There are levels of accreditation and licensing as follows:
Unlicensed companies are fake and do not approach them at all and companies with weak licenses do not approach them because they do not protect the owner.

Medium license companies protect the owner by incomplete not approaching them too and strong licensing companies are fondly greedy for the owner.

But the best and best rating is the very strong licensing companies which we recommend and are licensed a strong license.

Those licensed companies are a strong license if you complain to the licensee that you recover your right easily and without complications, waiting and cost.

2. Inclusiveness and diversity of services:
In choosing an intermediary company, we should choose a company in all the services offered by forex companies.

Training and Education for Beginners Daily Market Analysis Continuous technical support is easy and fast.

It also provides quick and easy account opening, easy and fast checkout and deposit.

Also diversity must provide multiple accounts like normal accounts, real demo mini Islamic …

Also the margin diversity to suit the needs.

Also, you should provide a spread or a low price difference that suits everyone.

How to open a Forex account (basics of trading in the currency market)
Now we assume that we have chosen the company and from the strong licensing companies for example:
Amanah Cabital Company:
Strongly licensed by the Dubai Financial Authorities, the British government and the Central Bank of Lebanon.

It has all the diversity, services and advantages.

A copy of your passport or personal identification or driver’s license plus a copy of any invoice bearing your address.

Then we bid in our account capital we want to invest …

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